Staff Directory

Name Title Area of Expertise Phone
Alvoid, Julie Accountant III Affiliate and GSFIC Accounting 404-385-7320
Baylis, Sandra Accountant II GTF Accounting - Non-Engineering Schools 404-894-1270
Burley, Tessica Financial Reporting & Compliance Accountant Financial Reporting, Analysis and Compliance 404-894-8148
Evans, Charlie Application Support Analyst Lead General Ledger and Commitment Control 404-385-1212
Gibson, Carol - CPA Controller Acctg, Compliance, Fin Rptg, Fin Systems and Tax Oversight 404-894-5143
Grattan, Charles Senior Tax Compliance Manager Tax Compliance and Oversight 404-385-4396
Henderson, Valeria Accountant II GTF Accounting - Engineering Schools 404-894-5523
Herron, Amy - CPA Associate Controller Affiliate & Capital Accounting and Financial Compliance 404-385-8337
MacArthur, Kelly Accounting Manager II Affiliate and Capital Assets Accounting 404-385-4055
Mathis, Tray Accountant II General Acctg and Rptg  - Credit Card Recons & Reporting 404-894-5539
Persaud, Jessica Business Analyst I General Ledger and Commitment Control 404-385-8045
Robinson, Charlotte Accountant II JE Uploads and Capital Assets  
Sheffield, Leanne Accountant II General Acctg and Rptg  - Bank Recons and Reporting 404-894-4244
Southall, Shawniece Accountant III Affiliate and Capital Assets Accounting 404-894-5570
Wallace, Toni Administrative Professional II Office Administration & Standard Journal Entries 404-385-6891
Wates, Lee - CPA Associate Controller General Accounting & Reporting and Tax Compliance 404-894-4681
Wilkerson, Antinina ERP Application Support Analyst II  General Ledger and Commitment Control 404-385-1906
Wynne, Pam - CPA Accounting Manager II  General Acctg and Rptg - Fin Rptg and Reconciliations 404-894-6758
Young, Teisha Financial Compliance Program Manager Financial Compliance, Training and Outreach 404-894-6031