Charitable Contributions

Charitable Contributions Provided to Georgia Tech

It is Institute policy to encourage donors to make gifts to the Georgia Tech Foundation Inc., rather than to the Institute proper. The Office of Development is responsible for ensuring proper acceptance of gifts to the Institute and its affiliated organizations that receive private gifts for the benefit of Georgia Tech, including the Georgia Tech Foundation, Inc. and the Alexander-Tharpe Fund.

Gifts represent contributions made for which the donor receives no direct benefit and requires nothing in exchange beyond a general assurance that the intent of the contribution be honored. Contributions which are considered "Gifts" should be made to Georgia Tech Foundation, Inc. The following guidelines are to be used to determine if a proposal will result in a "Gift" to the Institute: Key indicators include:

  • No contractual requirements are imposed
  • The award is irrevocable
  • No period of performance is specified
  • No formal financial reporting to donor is required
  • No requirement to return unexpended funds
  • Funds are donative in nature and bestowed voluntarily without expectation

Links: Policy 11.1.1 Solicitation of Gifts

Policy 2.2.1 Policy on Distinguishing Gift vs. Sponsored Agreement

IRS Publication 526 Charitable Contributions